Chances for Marcus that he goes to the Olympics for Russia!



We are very proud that we sold this Friesian stallion as a young horse!

Breeder Dirk Post

Another great score for Johnny Cash

Last weekend Dana van Lierop and Johnny Cash again achieved a nice score above 70% in the PSG.
With this they have a ticket for the Dutch Championships in Ermelo.

Special guests today!

Very special experience!
A landing place was specially made behind the outdoor arena.
We really enjoyed this special day.
And our horses are Helicopter proof!

Johnny Cash Europäisch Champion 2019


Amber den Heyer and Johnny Cash made their début in the class ZZ Dressage at the European Championships Friesian Dressage.

They did very well in the test on Saturday and the freestyle on Sunday. Both time second place!

A dream debut and European Champion

Kop Jansen Johnny Cash won convincingly ZZL

Kop Jansen Johnny Cash won convincingly the test in Vorden.
Together with his rider Amber den Heyer he won the ZZL with 254 points (72.6%)
Photos by Ingrid Truijens

Super debut Kop Jansen TaBasco

A nice debut for 5 years Friesian Stallion Tabasco M Dressage.
Kop Jansen Tabasco has some great victories on his name. 
Including bronze at the European Championships Friesian horses in 2018 with rider Iris Klein.